Chats With James Podcast

Chats with James is a podcast discussing everything that James or his guests are passionate about.

Embedded Systems, the Rust Programming Language, and a variety of other technical topics are the most commonly discussed items.


016 - Scott Mabin

James talks with Scott Mabin about how he joined the Espressif team and got involved in embedded Rust, the working culture in chip manufacturing companies and preferences about designing and building mechanical keyboards.

This episode was recorded on November 8th, 2023. more

015 - Manish Goregaokar

Another episode is coming from the archives, originally recorded in May 2022 with Manish Goregaokar as the guest- James and Manish touch on many topics, including: internationalization of languages, zero-copy deserialization in Rust, speedrunning video games and Vaccinate CA.

Originally recorded on 2022-05-09 more

014 - Steve Klabnik

This episode is coming from the archives, originally recorded in May 2022 - James talks with Steve Klabnik from Oxide Computer about knowledge transfer within the Rust community, how learning-by-doing and reading datasheets help you develop, and how limits and regulations are put in place across many different fields.

Originally recorded on 2022-05-04 more

013 - Ryan Summers

In this episode, James chats with Ryan Summers about the process of developing protocols, the guidelines of working in safety critical and embedded engineering.

Originally recorded on 2023-08-03 more

012 - Sophia Turner

James has been working on mnemOS, a hobby-grade operating system written in Rust, in his free time. Check out the repo here, and read about the history and current progress on OneVariable's blog.

In this episode, James chats with Sophia about the intricacies of writing programming languages, what makes designing programs fun, strategies for defining goals, and more.

Originally Recorded on 2023-29-06. more
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