Chats With James Podcast

Chats with James is a podcast discussing everything that James or his guests are passionate about.

Embedded Systems, the Rust Programming Language, and a variety of other technical topics are the most commonly discussed items.


012 - Sophia Turner

James has been working on mnemOS, a hobby-grade operating system written in Rust, in his free time. Check out the repo here, and read about the history and current progress on OneVariable's blog.

In this episode, James chats with Sophia about the intricacies of writing programming languages, what makes designing programs fun, strategies for defining goals, and more.

Originally Recorded on 2023-29-06. more

011 - Eliza Weisman

James chats with Eliza about systems, systems of systems, operating systems, java, java cards, what posix did wrong, and a ton of other rust adjacent things.

Originally Recorded on 2022-04-08. more

010 - Dion Dokter

James chats with Dion Dokter about device drivers, bootloaders, and embedded Rust.

Originally Recorded on 2020-12-29. more

009 - Sylvan Morris

James chats with Sylvan Morris about introducing Rust into a company, working at an embedded startup, over the air bootloaders, and managing risk.

Originally Recorded on 2020-12-28. more

008 - Yoshua Wuyts

James chats with Yoshua Wuyts to discuss Control Theory in traditional software domains, the possibilities of RISC-V, and open source hardware.

Originally Recorded on 2020-12-30. more
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