Chats With James Podcast

Chats with James is a podcast discussing everything that James or his guests are passionate about.

Embedded Systems, the Rust Programming Language, and a variety of other technical topics are the most commonly discussed items.

New episodes are released every Tuesday.


009 - Sylvan Morris

James chats with Sylvan Morris about introducing Rust into a company, working at an embedded startup, over the air bootloaders, and managing risk.

Originally Recorded on 2020-12-28. more

008 - Yoshua Wuyts

James chats with Yoshua Wuyts to discuss Control Theory in traditional software domains, the possibilities of RISC-V, and open source hardware.

Originally Recorded on 2020-12-30. more

007 - Michael Nitschinger

James chats with Michael Nitschinger of Couchbase to discuss Coffee Machines, PID control loops, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Databases.

Originally Recorded on 2020-12-28. more

006 - Bryan Cantrill

James chats with Bryan Cantrill of Oxide Computer to discuss the open source hardware explosion, Oxide's experience with Embedded Rust, the importance of a culture of sharing knowledge, and the joy of fixing hard-to-diagnose systems problems.

Originally Recorded on 2021-01-10. more

005 - Clifford Heath

James chats with Clifford Heath to discuss the differences between procedural and structural code, using natural language processing to describe software, code generation, and programming education approaches.

Originally Recorded on 2020-12-27. more
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