Chats With James Podcast

Chats with James is a podcast discussing everything that James or his guests are passionate about.

Embedded Systems, the Rust Programming Language, and a variety of other technical topics are the most commonly discussed items.

New episodes are released every Tuesday.


004 - Fran├žois Baldassari

James chats with Fran├žois Baldassari to discuss embedded systems, engineering practices (and where the industry is lacking), and the social side of improving the skills of embedded systems teams.

Originally Recorded on 2021-01-07. more

003 - Michael Gattozzi

James chats with Michael Gattozzi to discuss developer tooling, message serialization, and undefined behavior in Rust.

Originally Recorded on 2020-12-26. more

002 - Christopher Hunt

James chats with Christopher Hunt to discuss programming languages, the cost of software abstraction, Bluetooth, and state machines.

Originally Recorded on 2020-12-23. more

001 - Lachezar Lechev

James chats with Lachezar Lechev to discuss Rust in Avionics, drone simulation technologies, and burnout in software development.

Originally Recorded on 2020-12-23. more

000 - Foreward

James introduces the Chats with James Podcast.

Originally Recorded on 2020-12-28. more
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