Curriculum Vitae

I am a software engineer focused on building the right solution for the right challenge. I have worked on platforms ranging from real time and safety critical software developed in C, to rapidly prototyping IoT use cases developed in weeks. By working with a wide range of technologies, features, and limitations, I am always pushing the limits of my skills, and willing to adapt the best design for the task at hand.

I have an easygoing personality, and enjoy diving deep into technical knowledge, as well as relating this knowledge in an easy to consume format for customers, stakeholders, and management.

Areas of focus

Work Experience

Ferrous Systems GmbH

Managing Director
Berlin, DE
09.2018 - Current

Telefónica Next GmbH

Tech Lead
Berlin, DE
03.2017 - 09.2018

Relayr GmbH

Embedded Systems Engineer
Berlin, DE
01.2016 - 02.2017

Mine Safety Appliances GmbH

Senior Staff Engineer
Berlin, DE
10.2014 - 12.2015

Garmin International

Software Engineer 2
Kansas City, KS, USA
05.2011 - 05.2014


Missouri University of Science and Technology

B.S. Computer Engineering
Rolla, MO, USA
May 2011

Personal Projects

In my personal time, I take time to explore new technologies that interest me, writing or speaking about areas I am knowledgeable in or currently learning, and contribute back to open source projects. My most recent work in these areas include: