Drive By Scanning

I thought this was interesting: grepping through my logs, I noticed a burst of what looks like an automated vulnerability scanning. This is all interesting, because my blog is entirely made up of static pages (nothing to POST to), and uses no PHP. TL;DR ~80 GETs/POSTs from one IP for generic PHP and Wordpress pages, likely each with their own sets of known vulnerabilities. There were a couple others, but this one was the most interesting for me. IPs have been mostly sanitized. more

Transparent Port Forwarding

I just wanted to share how I solved a little problem:

I have one device that is connected to two networks: A and B. The A network is semi-public, and network B is completely private. I would like to connect from a device on network A, to a specific socket on a device on Network B.

To do this, I need to forward a public port from Network A on my middle device, to a private port and IP on Network B. Heres what I did: more

Human Beans

Human Beans around Neuk├Âlln

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More beans

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Developing Reliable Embedded Devices

A recurring theme in my last three jobs has been the automation of hardware and hardware software integration testing. During long software development cycles (years), it is critical that features that are considered "done" or "stable" do not unexpectedly regress. During short software development cycles (months), it is critical to never spend time where it isn't necessary. This is true for Safety Critical devices (like airplanes and gas detectors), as well as Consumer Products and IoT devices. more

Interfacing with Rust - Playing nice with others

One of my goals for this month is working in rust every day. One thing that I am interested in is getting Rust talking with other languages. Having this knowledge will help me interface with existing libraries, rewrite tools in Rust, and hopefully learn a little along the way. more
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