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Human Beans around Neuk├Âlln

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Developing Reliable Embedded Devices

A recurring theme in my last three jobs has been the automation of hardware and hardware software integration testing. During long software development cycles (years), it is critical that features that are considered "done" or "stable" do not unexpectedly regress. During short software development cycles (months), it is critical to never spend time where it isn't necessary. This is true for Safety Critical devices (like airplanes and gas detectors), as well as Consumer Products and IoT devices. more

Interfacing with Rust - Playing nice with others

One of my goals for this month is working in rust every day. One thing that I am interested in is getting Rust talking with other languages. Having this knowledge will help me interface with existing libraries, rewrite tools in Rust, and hopefully learn a little along the way. more

Thirty Days: August Sprint Planning

So, heres the first 30 day challenge. This month, I chose three goals, all of which are "do X for Y minutes every day" goals. The goals for this month are Bodyweight Exercise, Apartment Cleaning, and Rust Programming. more

Thirty Days, or Backlog as a Hobby

When someone asks me what my hobbies are, my usual answer is something like "Well, programming I guess, I like cooking, oh yeah, I play a little bit of Ukulele too!", which overall isn't a very exciting or convincing answer. I have a ton of things I do a little bit of, and even more that I want to make progress on. How can I not only get better at things, and FEEL like I've gotten better at something, or anything? more
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